The most common 10 mistakes, made by Chinese, in English pronunciation

  1. M

    Tom Some Game Blame

  2. N

    n~ the end of voice should be lasted for a while None One

  3. L

    ‘L’ is most difficult one to pronunce ! Milk Cool cool~ there is /wu:/ in the end

  4. V

    Victor Service

  5. /th/

    There This They

  6. O

    Soft God

  7. ^ & /a:/

    Up ^ Hard /a:/ Dark /a:/

  8. e & /ae/

    Merry Sent just pronunce in the depth of throat Apple much deeper

  9. ei & ai

    Name /ei/ Cake ei yi~ Tight /ai/

  10. au & ou

    Ouch /au/ About /au/ No /ou/