These troublesome shortcode operation is based on the MacOS systems :-). If you are Windows users, you can try to replace CMD with CTRL to success run these shortcuts.


Visual Studio Code

Create a new file CMD + N

Multiple rows selection Shift + CMD + L

Comments for codes CMD + K + C

Rtudio Shortcuts (Rmd)

This Twitter thread started by We are R-Ladies is one of the best resources i’ve found for shortcuts using RMarkdown. Favourties that will help you are:

New code chunk CTRL + ALT + i

New comment in code CTRL + SHIFT + c

Align code consistently CTRL+i

Fromant ugly code to nice looking code CTRL + ALT + A

Insert section label which is foldable and navigable — this only works in a .R file not a .Rmd but CTRL + SHIFT + R is still useful.

The shortcut for %>% can be key in CTRL + SHIFT + M

MySQL Workbench (SQL)

run the selected row CMD + ENTER

comments CTRL + /


Use F1 to look up dictionary in Netlogo website

Use ; to comment the line.