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University College London (UCL) Sep.2020 - Sep.2021 Centre of Advanced Spatial Analysis
MSc. Spatial Data Science & Visualization (full-time) Supervisor - Steven

University of California, Berkeley (UCB) July.2018 - Aug.2018 Haas School of Business Investments (Summer Session) Lecturer - Ethan GPA: 3.504.0

Nanjing University of Finance & Economics (NUFE) Sep.2016 - July.2020 College of Information Engineering B.Eng. Software Engineering (full-time) Surpervisor - Shuqing Li GPA: 3.755.0

Nanjing University of Finance & Economics (NUFE) Sep.2016 - July.2020 School of Finances B.Fin. Finance (part-time)

Internship Experience

112020 - 03/2021 Youdao, Inc. (NYSE: DAO) Sales Data Operation

  • Generate 10 weeks & 3 months of marketing data analysis reports and make data visualization presentation. Data pre-processing based on Pinduoduo crawler data about Youdao dictionary pen
  • Sort out the sales data in the middle platform of the database and help to improve the packaged business capability in sales database and market order
  • Maintain & operate intelligent hardware market order and summarise the indicators such as weekly and quarterly channel business rebates. Follow up the system business requirements including marketing gameplay, channel review, activation indicators, etc.
  • Following up the development of English textbook products, I complete more than 140 textbook audio segmentation processing and subtitle proofreading in 2 textbooks and help our product dictionary pens to achieve significant progress in school business

07/2019 - 09/2019 IOT Group Financial Data Analyst

  • During the internship, a total of more than 10,000 corporate financial public sentiment data were marked and cleaned. On average, 100 data were completed in advance and exceeded every day, with high work efficiency
  • I had an in-depth understanding of the financial report indicators of each company in the daily financial report, and perform sentiment analysis and label classification of public opinion information to provide data support for the model training of our team system
  • Undertake the AI e-commerce copywriting project of and get started quickly, using Python to process 7,500 text data in two days, helping the company reach important cooperation

01/2019-02/2019 Xiamen C&D Inc. Product Developer

  • Use PowerPoint, Photoshop, Visio and other tools in the Information Technology Department to make data visualisation solutions. To integrate resources and gain an in-depth understanding of the supply chain business of the clothing smart factory, I completed 36 slides (Smart Factory Solutions) in one day to help the team achieve the cooperation of two important projects
  • Using Axure RP and Figma software to design a total of 5 interactive pages for the company’s customer-oriented product (futures point price trading APP), speeding up the launch of the mobile software


112020-01/2021 The Spatial Analysis of Electric Vehicle Charging Points in London, UK

  • Data preprocessing: Completed nearly 12,000 data records, using the R language toolkit to automatically mark the postcodes of the 32 London administrative regions, and filter out a total of 1,058 valid data records from 2019 to 2020

  • Map production: Use R’s tmap tool to complete the spatial density analysis of the London area in 2020 and 2019 by administrative area, distinguish the density according to the color depth, and output two contrasting two-dimensional maps.

  • Spatial measurement: Use the global Moran index and the local Moran index to study the spatial autocorrelation of the charging pile density in London, first draw a spatial weight visualization map, and finally use leaflet to output and use the local Moran index visualized interactive map for 32 administrative regions Autocorrelation index Gi-score for spatial correlation evaluation

2019 面向STEM的职业规划平台

  • 获校级优秀团队毕设培育计划立项;
  • 在网页Nodejs服务器后台实现嵌入Echarts图表;应用Surprise协同过滤算法实现职业推荐功能
  • 熟练使用React前端框架开发平台界面,使用Mockjs模拟数据交互达到了开发过程前后端分离目标,熟练团队合作和敏捷开发流程

2019 基于文本挖掘分析公司招聘信息

  • 使用个人独立开发的可视化开源工具PyQt-ECharts-GUI(在Github上已获5个star标记)进行数据探索性分析
  • 基于Python对谷歌招聘信息数据集的4个属性进行词频统计,分别为岗位名称,地点,职业类型,职业技能需求
  • 使用Echarts进行5种数据可视化方案呈现如词云,3维散点图,雷达图,地理热点图等
  • 创意地将数据集进行k-means聚类分析得出三种岗位类型之间的相关性联系,并形成文档用数据讲故事

2019 基于Python数据呈现工具开发


2018 网红店运营模式白皮书

  • 为学院推优作品,使用Python语言进行网页爬虫3000+数据,熟练使用Weka进行机器学习聚类分析五个维度数据;我担任组长负责项目的任务调度,数据收集,关联分析,数据呈现。
  • 数据收集:python爬虫任务(抓取大众点评网数据有店面名,评论和评分等)
  • 关联分析:Weka和python的matplotlib库中绘图方法进行数据呈现和关联模式挖掘
  • 数据呈现:运用SPSS,还调用Echarts的百度地图接口进行热点图绘制。

2018 “格林童话”护肤产品开发方案

  • Amore Pacific营销大赛全国亚军 (690选1,获奖学金10000元)
  • 在组内负责市场调研的数据分析(Python),产品创意的设计与视觉传达,并在决赛时前往上海演讲答辩

2018 Annalys年报分析报告(海外商学院项目)


2019 区块链智能合约的安全性验证

  • 大学生创新创业计划国家级立项,将以太坊作为区块链开发平台,重构去中心化的商业模式,完成6个智能合约UML业务建模
  • 专注于智能合约的设计、追溯合约验证数据进行安全性分析,为可追溯且不可篡改审计线索提供数据支撑


GIS; R; Python数据挖掘与自然语言处理; Excel精通; SQL熟练; JavaScript可视化; PowerPoint精通

  • Office 精通
  • Python 熟练
  • Axure RP 熟练
  • SQL 熟练
  • Linux 熟练
  • C#.NET 普通
  • J2EE 普通