Git-LFS can help!

Experiencing the 10 min video presentation submission, there is an increasing demand for uploading the large file(>100MB) to my github. This hand-by-hand tutorial can tell you how to work with large files in remoting repositories.


follow the Git LFS home page to install this package

The recommended method of installing is The binary packages installing

Once you download the file such as

Unzip this folder and input cd /Your/Path/git-lfs-darwin-amd64-v2.13.2 to locate this binary folder path.

Then input the following codes to install Git LFS binaries onto the system $PATH


To set the global settings

git lfs install


Use cd YOUR_PATH to locate your repo path, and add your target file to lfs branch (using the following codes)

git lfs track "*.geojson"

Then add this file request to your commit

git add my.geojson
git commit -m "add geojson"

Double check if you successfully manage your geojson file

git lfs ls-files

This means you are managing your large file if the output result is 3c2f7aedfb * my.geojson

Then using thegit push origin main OR git push to push your commit to submit your large file to your Github repo.

If you want to remove this large file, then input the following codes

git lfs migrate export --include="*.geojson" --everything


How to install Git-LFS: Getting Started

Download Adress