About this project

Our aims and project details

Project Details

Our project utilized the traffic accident dataset found on Kaggle, containing data of traffic accidents between 2000 and 2016, but the data for 2008 is missing. The dataset comes in 2 parts, the first part are details regarding the accidents. The second part is about the roads itself, such as its location, age, rural or urban, and the number of different cars travelling on that road per daily basis.

Origin: Project Abeona

Abeona is a Roman goddess who protects travellers and ensure a safe passage. Abeona also have a sister Adiona who protects travellers on the way home. Their names mean departing and approaching respectively.

Our project aims to reveal factors that cause traffic accidents and provide insights to tackle these blind spots so that together, we can create a better travelling environment.

Aims of this project

We want to reveal factors that cause traffic accidents, whether it is related to the weather, road condition or other factors.

Map 1 detail

Shows the number of accidents that happened between 2006 to 2014 on a spider plot

Map 2 detail

An interactive map and a bar plot of accidents that happened under different weather conditions in alll boroughs.

Map 3 details

Another interactive map about the number of accidents that happened in different road classes. The corresponding roads are also visible on the map.

Key Details

The technical parts of this project

  • The framework for this website?

    Mainly Boostrap, because it is fast, handy, responsive and lightweight. Add ons using font-awesome or Boxicon were considered but the Boostrap icons are good enough. Google fonts are also used, it's just handy.

  • We downloaded the dataset from Kaggle, which is very heavy in size (~300mb). We chunked it down to the area of London only, and divided by year, and did some cleaning. And then we use D3.js and Mapbox to create the interactive maps and diagrams.